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This Christmas give the gift of safety


In a few weeks the Wise Men must have all the letters in which each of us details what we would like to have as agift under the tree on the morning of January 6.

However, this time we want to propose a different idea: give the gift of Safety, Road Safety. Because there is no better gift than something that is useful and can also save your life. We're not just talking about tangible gifts, but also the gift of attitude and respect at the wheel.

A gift that we can give to our friends and family is to drive with caution this Christmas. Hundreds of phone calls wishing a happy New Year, but that we should not pick up when driving, hurrying to get to places but this should not cause us to speed, heavy traffic that is not solved by improper overtaking or lunch and dinner in which alcohol should not be present if we have to take our car later.

Christmas is a good time to remember others. To remember that friend who is pregnant and we can surprise with a cushion to improve the position of the seat belt. Or those friends who always tell us that their child gets bored while traveling and doesn't know what to do to keep him/her amused.

It may also be an appropriate time to bring forward the more than possible change of seat when our child grows. In January we have the sales and it's a good idea to take advantage of this period to buy a car seat from a higher group (or groups). Remember that you can check out all our tips for choosing the best car seat at this link.

 The Wise Men may also bring the gift of a bike, but in addition to the bike, you also certainly need to be properly equipped with a helmet. Therefore, the best gift you can give besides the bike is to hand over the complete package.

Quick, hurry up, there's not much time to send the letter!

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