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How do I clean a car seat?

Positioning of a child in the car


Regular cleaning can be done using a brush or the vacuum cleaner to get rid of crumbs and bits that get stuck down the sides of the seat. While cleaning the inside of the car with the vacuum cleaner you can take the opportunity to clean the seat too. It may be better to take it out of the car for easier cleaning.

To clean small stains on the upholstry, it may be easier to clean it in situ with some wáter and detergent or soap and a brush or a cloth. You may be surprised at how effective a few drops of washing up liquid in disolved in wáter can be. Dilute the detergent in wáter, make some foam and simply sponge off the stain.

You can then rinse it off with some clean wáter and dry it of with some kitchen roll. If you are carefull there shouldn’t even be a visible stain left when you are finished. Try to clean a whole área up to the stitching on the joins so that it won’t be noticeable.

If there is still a stain or the upholstry is particularly dirty , it is better to take it off and wash it in the machine. Some parts of the seat, such as the foam padding, cannot be always be washed in the machine but this depends on the model. It is always best to check the instructions for the seat before cleaning to check how it should be taken apart and the covers removed. You could also take photographs of how you have taken it apart so you are sure of how to put it back together.

The cover is fixed to the seat using different methods: zips, velcro, buttons (these are usually press studs), elastic straps or similar methods. Check these fixings carefully to ensure that you don’t damage the seat cover while taking it apart.

Depending on the design of the seat, it can be split up into varias parts, for example the backrest includes the headrest and the harness. Be patient, you may have to take the padding out of the cover so always follow the instruction booklet.

Once you have removed the cover, have a look at the washing instructions label on the inside, in the same way as you would before washing clothes. In general they can be washed in the washing machine on a cold wáter programme using a clothes detergent. To avoid it shrinkage or loss of color you can use a detergent used for baby clothes.

If the cover is very delicate, use a more gente detergent or wash it by hand.

The harness straps can be sometimes be taken apart, depending on the seat. If you don’t want to complicate things, you may decide not to remove them from the seat and simply wipe them down with a damp sponge using a little detergent.

With the covers removed you can wash the plastic structure of the seat with a damp sponge.

Once the cover is dry, you have to put the seat back together. Do it patiently step by step. Have a quick look at the instructions , or at the photos you took when dismantling the seat to be sure you get it right.

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