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How the new regulations affect you regarding the installation of you child car seat


The Government’s new decree states that children of 1.35m or under must use a Child Restraining System (CRS) and that it must be installed on the rear seats of a car. There are only three exceptions to this: the vehicle has only two seats; the rear seats are occupied by other children using child car seats; or, that the vehicle does not allow the installation of a child restraining system

This legislative change is intended to improve the protection of children in a vehicle, since the probability of suffering injury in the rear seats during an accident is less than if they were travelling in the front passenger seat.

The Fundación MAPFRE has always recommended this based on the fact that travelling in the rear seats can reduce the risk of injury by approximately 20%. The reality is that: in 2013, for example, four children that were travelling in the front passenger seat of a vehicle were killed in Spain.

Fundación MAPFRE considers this initiative as an advance in the road safety of children and an important step towards the strategic goal set for 2020: that no child is killed because they were not using a Child Restraining System. 

Learn about the Foundation’s road safety recommendations.

Check here the new regulations.

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