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Children's road safety gift ideas for this Christmas

Ideas de seguridad vial infantil para regalar estas Navidades


There are lots of different types of gifts we can purchasesthis Christmas in terms of children's road safety, both for parents and for the children themselves. In the case of presents for parents, this could be a device for improving car safety. For children, we can think about games and toys that will help us to teach our children about basic road safety rules.

Let's take a look at some of the things we could get for parents as gifts.

1. An organizer for the car. These objects are useful for keeping everything the child is carrying stored away and organized so that they are not left unsecured in the car. As we already know, any toys and other items to entertain them, hydrate them or feed them should be properly stored and secured, since in the event of a crash they could be a danger to all the passengers.

2. A good rearview baby mirror. During the period in which the child is seated in a rear-facing position, a great gift could be a rearview baby mirror so we can keep an eye on the child. It ought to be as lightweight as possible and able to be fixed to the rear headrest without any danger of it coming loose. Above all, it should have a large enough surface area to be able to clearly see the child's face. 

3. A CRS, and if possible, a rear-facing one. This is the best kind of restraint system for children and it is advisable to keep them facing this way until they are four years old. The i-Size standard states that it is compulsory up until the child is 15 months old, but we know that it is safer to extend this period for a longer period of time. For a gift, choose a good-quality seat over one whose approval standards are unclear. Take a look at our advice on choosing the best possible child car seat.

4. For older children, a good booster seat with a backrest is a great gift. We should always choose seats with side protection for the head, in order to ensure that they are as well-protected as possible in the event of a side-on collision.

In general, we can find a thousand and one ideas for accessories to take in the car but we should think first about safety. We should take great care when choosing this gift and find out all of its safety features.

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