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In 7 days 198 minors have been found to be traveling without a seat belt or a child restraint system

In 7 days 198 minors have been found to be traveling without a seat belt or a child restraint system


Despite being an extremely important and compulsory safety measure, 198 minors were found by the Civil Guard Traffic Police without a seat belt on or not in a child restraint system during the 7 day surveillance campaign carried out by the Department of Traffic. Moreover, 41 of them were in the front seat.

The Department of Traffic rolled out a special surveillance campaign from 11 to 17 September. Now that the campaign has concluded, the data shows that a considerable number of people are still traveling by car without a seat belt and there are still many children traveling by car without the appropriate child restraint system, despite the fact that it is compulsory.

Child passengers whose height is equal to or less than 1.35 cm must travel in the rear seats, using an approved child restraint systemsuitable for their height and weight. They may only travel in the front seats under the following three exceptions:

  • If the vehicle does not have any rear seats.
  • If all the rear seats are already occupied by other children in their respective child restraints.
  • If child restraint systems cannot be installed in the said seats.

Despite this, 41 children were found to be traveling in the front seat and only 157 were in the rear seats. Moreover, they were also not using a suitable child car seat or a seat belt.

The Givil Guard Traffic Division has monitored over 260,000 vehicles and has checked that both the driver and passengers were correctly fastened in their seat belt and that children were seated on the rear seats in a child restraint system suitable for their weight and size. In all, 2292 people were found by the officers to be traveling without using any of these safety measures. Specifically, 1094 adults and 198 minors (without a child car seat). Of the 2094 adultos, 1388 were drivers and 706 were passengers (382 of them in the front seats and 324 on the rear seats).

The Department of Traffic reports that 73% of vehicle users in cars without this security device were found driving on normal roads (1674), while the remaining 27% (618) were driving on the highways.

Protecting ourselves and especially our children is in our own hands. Their safety is the responsibility of the adult in charge of their care.

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