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Types of car seats (CRS or Child Restraint Systems) in the USA


If you are going to be a parent, remember that the use a car seat, or Child Restraint System (CRS), is mandatory not only because it is stated by law, but also because it is the only way to keep your child safe in the car, secured and protected in the case of sudden braking or an accident.

Don't forget that you must buy an appropriate child car seat as soon as possible, even before the child is born. When you drive your child home from the hospital, you will have to use a car seat.

As expected, children grow and the car seat "grows" too. Thus, there are several types. In summary, keep in mind that there are car seats for babies, children and also boosters (with or without a back) to be used with the seatbelt in the car. Also bear in mind that there are car seats that can be positioned facing forward and others that can face away from the direction of travel.

For babies and small children, the use of a car seat facing away from the direction of travel is recommendable, the longer the better. In some states a rear-facing car seat is mandatory up to a certain age (one or two years old, depending on where), and in others it is not, but our advice is that if you can wait until the child is older than four to change to a forward-facing seat then that is best. This is safer as their head, neck and back are more protected.

In conclusion, don't forget that when your child no longer needs any kind of car seat, the use of seat belt is still mandatory.

The most important thing to remember is that the seat should adapt to the age, height and weight of the child, and, thus, there are different types of car seats, which the following graphic will explain.


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