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Infograph-this is how to install a Top Tether


Seats equipped with ISOFIX are simple to fit to the car seats, thanks to the hooks in the base of the CRS. The only thing that could cause any doubt is the fixing of the Top Tether anchor.

The Top Tether is a strap with metal snap hook that is fixed to the back of the child seat, it can be tightened or loosened depending on where the anchor is situated, this can be either in the base of the trunk or in the backrest of the car seat. It is an ant-tipping device, which works by locking the child seat to the chassis of the vehicle. 

However not every ISOFIX seat has a Top Tether. Sometimes they have a third support in the form of a leg that is not at all difficult to position. So that you are in no doubt as to how to install it, we recommend that you study the following infograph.

For more information: Do not forget about the third fixing point on the child seat


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