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What regulations govern the use of CRS in the United States?

Infographic: What regulations govern the use of CRS in the United States?


There is no single set of regulations in the United States on the use of child restraint systems. Each state has its own regulations. This makes things rather complicated, and though you may be traveling with kids correctly in one state, Alabama for example, that may not then be the case in another state, such as California. In 'Child Road Safety' we provide key guidelines to traveling with children in your car in each state.

What are the child seat requirements for driving in New York? Up to what age is a child restraint system required? Do they have to travel in a rear-facing position? Must they always be positioned in the rear seats? 

Check out this infographic, which features everything you need to know on current regulations in each state. First of all, you need to be familiar with the measurements:

There are several major initiatives in the United States, such as that run by 'Safe Kids Worldwide’, an organization that works to prevent injuries to children. It partners with 400 institutions in the United States and operates in 30 countries worldwide, seeking to bring down the number of injuries caused by motor vehicles, sports accidents, drownings, falls, burns, intoxications and so on.




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