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Children on the front seat. What should we know?


The following information is all you need to know about children travelling on the front seat.
When children want to use the front seat
The fist thing to take into account is that children should always travel in an approved child seat suitable for their height and weight until they are 12 years old or over 135cms.
Once they reach 12 years of age or the required height they can travel using a seatbelt in the same way as an adult.
The other way that they can use the front seat is with a child seat but only when it is suitable for that child.
The General Traffic Directive (DGT) has made a proposal the banning any child under 12 or less than 135cms in height from travelling in the front seat even with a child seat. (At the moment this is just a proposal). If this ban comes into effect, Spain will be at the forefront of child road safety.
Children on the front seat - Advice
Although it is allowed from 12 years of age for children to travel on the front seat (using a seatbelt), we would advise that they travel in the back for as long as possible. A child sitting on the front seat that, for example leans forward to change the music, can be exposed to serious danger in an accident when the front airbag activates (a risk that doesn’t exist in the back of the car).
We must ensure that when our child uses a seatbelt that it is not loose and is correctly adjusted to fit their body.
If the seatbelt doesn’t fasten properly (remember: the upper strap over the collarbone, between the shoulder and neck, and the lower strap flat across the hips, never across the tummy), there is always the option of a booster seat specifically designed to solve this problem and allow them to sit safely on the front seat.
Last of all, when a child keeps trying to unbuckle the seatbelt, we must stop the car and make them understand that we cannot carry on if the seatbelt does not remain fastened.

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