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Intelligent rear brake light and GPS tracker for bicycles to increase cyclists’ safety on the roads

Una luz de freno inteligente para bicicletas y localizador GPS para aumentar la seguridad vial sobre dos ruedas


Being visible to other motorists is one of cyclists’ biggest concerns. Indeed, the study entitled ‘Attention while driving: cyclists invisible to drivers’, conducted by Fundación MAPFRE,  emphasizes this precise point. Some of the conclusions drawn are that elements such as reflective vests make other drivers more aware of cyclists, leading them to drive with more care and at a greater distance. This is exactly the purpose of the intelligent light for bicycles, the Curve Bike Tracker, which also has a GPS tracker. This device can be installed on both adults’ and children’s bicycles to further enhance their safety and protection when cycling. 

There has been a huge boom in the use of bicycles, especially as a result of the pandemic, due to their many benefits: they are a form of exercise, they do not pollute, they maintain an interpersonal distance, they do not use fuel… all these advantages mean that many governments are encouraging their use. In Spain, for example, the government has recently approved a State Bicycle Strategy that supports the inclusion of the bicycle in school lessons and for it to be considered as remuneration in kind at work, among other measures. The fact is that according to the Bicycle Barometer of 2019, almost 21 million Spaniards have bicycles for personal use; in other words, 54.4% of the population.

Another fact that demonstrates the huge impetus behind bicycle use is that last year more than 1,400 kilometres of bike lanes were rolled out across Europe, thanks to an investment of one billion euros in cycling infrastructure since March 2020.  

One of cyclists’ biggest concerns is that other road users have spotted them and are aware of their presence. We should not forget that due to its dimensions, bicycles are sometimes not visible to other drivers. This is why it is so important to wear every possible device that can help to increase your safety on two wheels. Nor should we forget all the benefits offered by connectivity, such as the ability to notify friends of family in the event of an accident. 

The Curve Bike Tracker device includes a smart brake light that responds dynamically to speed. It is an ultra-bright LED light with three modes that lights up automatically when braking, increasing cyclists’ safety at any time of day.

Other features include a GPS tracker, a siren, and Impact Detection and Help Alerts to notify family/friends if the cyclist needs help. It contains a built-in Smart SIM connected to Vodafone’s global network to provide an accurate GPS location and thus ensure the safety of both the cyclist and the bicycle.

It also has a Security Mode with movement alerts that set off an alarm if the bicycle starts moving, sends location alerts directly to the telephone, and allows real-time tracking through the Vodafone Smart App. The GPS tracker means that cyclists can view every journey on the app, together with the distance and duration.

It is worth noting that the Impact Detection and Help Alert features allow the cyclist’s trusted contacts to be notified if a fall is detected by sending a Push notification, an SMS, or an automatic call to indicate the location of the cyclist.

This is undoubtedly a very useful device for children, especially when they are at the age of making their first trips alone by bike, though of course it is a very important prevention and safety tool for all cyclists, regardless of their age. 

Vodafone is currently the only company marketing the device, although in the near future it will be available from other retailers such as Amazon and El Corte Inglés. Simply install the device on the stem of the bicycle seat and download and activate the Vodafone Smart App. 

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