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INTER-CISEV Congress on Ibero-American Road Safety


In general, Inter-CISEV is attempting to become reference forums for specific aspects of road safety affecting the Ibero-American community. In particular, Inter-CISEV2015 which is to take place on the 15th, 16th and 17th of June 2015 and is entitled “Training, Education and Road Safety, key to achieving the goals of the Decade”, with the following purposes:

  • Identify training needs of professionals in the management of road safety and the creation of lead agencies for road safety, strengthening legal frameworks and improving the safety of urban and rural infrastructures, etc.
  • Analyze policies, legal contexts and administrative procedures surrounding road safety education (children and Young adults) and road training (for obtaining driving licenses and for specific groups such as professional drivers).
  • Introduce training initiatives for the strengthening of institutions leading road safety. (Training directors of national agencies, training of auditors and road safety inspectors, training in the identification and management in areas of high accident rates, training in potential new technologies to improve road safety, etc.).
  • To share training programs between different police forces, their strengths and weaknesses and the role they play in road safety, not only in the enforcement of the regulations but also for education.
  • Share experiences of the methods followed in different countries in the training of trainers.
  • Showcase the latest technologies available to improve road safety procedures.
  • Demonstrate the latest research and theoretical frameworks on which road safety programs are based.
  • Share best practices in the field of education and road training.
  • Promote road training and education amongst groups that have not traditionally been included in education policies, such as older drivers, cyclists, repeat offenders and the disabled.
  • Highlight good practices in training by companies in the field of road safety.
  • Generate a platform of resources for education and training that becomes a worldwide benchmark.

More information on INTER-CESEV Ibero-American Congress on Road Safety is available using the following link.

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