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Alma Obregón: "When we have rented a car we have taken our child seats with us or we have rented one at our destination"

Alma Obregón: ‘Cuando hemos tenido que alquilar un coche hemos llevado nuestras sillitas o alquilado en destino’


Alma Obregón is a pastry chef and has her own baking show. In terms of road safety, we can confirm that she is a strong advocate of children traveling in rear-facing child car seats for as long as possible. “I don't think there is enough emphasis on the importance of children traveling in a rear-facing position or in helping families with this, since child car seats for older children are very expensive and it would be a good idea to subsidize the cost or help in some way”. 

For Alma Obregón, children's road safety encompasses “all the rules and guidelines to ensure our children travel more safely and are safer when crossing the roads, etc”. 

She assures us that her two children, 8 months and 3 years old, travel in a rear-facing position in their two cars and that they always travel in their respective child seats: “when we have rented a car we have taken our child seats with us or we have rented one at our destination. Also, when we are going by private transfer or taxi we request a child seat and if there isn't one, we won't use that particular service”.

Bruno y Lola, hijos de Alma 

Alma is a strong supporter of rear-facing child car seats: “taking our children in rear-facing seats for as long as possible can reduce their risk of suffering serious injuries in an accident by 80%. I will be transporting my children in rear-facing seats for as long as possible”, she points out. 

When it comes to going on a long journey, she confirms that she always plans it out in order to have a calm trip, with plenty of breaks and no rushing. She acknowledges that “when it comes to small children you always need to factor in extra time since they need more stops and breaks”.

Regarding whether or not children willingly accept their child seats, Alma confirms that her daughter Lola “is not much of a fan of the seat, but Bruno wasn't either at her age and now he is perfectly content with it. I think that very few young children willingly accept the seat unless they can fall asleep in it…”. 

In terms of choosing the right child seat, she chooses to go to a store that specializes in rear-facing seats: “It is very important to carry out research beforehand, since buying a seat is a very important purchase”. In fact, she believes that parents do not receive enough information about how their children should be traveling in cars. “I think there are conflicting messages out there and that people simply trust that the seat is an approved seat without checking that the restraint system is the safest one possible. Moreover, installing the seats can often be very difficult and it would be good for the brands themselves or the retail outlets to follow up on this more”.

Lastly, regarding people who allow their children to travel without a CRS, Alma believes that this is down to “a lack of understanding about how crucial a child restraint system is in an accident, and not just in serious accidents, even just a  bump, and  about the awful consequences of not using it”.

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