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Ángeles Blanco: “My child knows that using a child car seat is not an option but a necessity”

Ángeles Blanco: “Mi hijo sabe que usar la sillita no es una opción, es una necesidad”


For Ángeles Blanco, a journalist and news anchor for Informativos Telecinco, road safety “is an obligation” and something which is absolutely “essential”. The truth is that “no one is safe from having a scare on the roads”. In ‘Children's Road Safety’, Fundación MAPFRE's Accident Prevention and Road Safety Area, we have rolled out ‘Children's Road Safety month’. During October we will regularly be publishing interviews to find out what some of our most famous faces think about this topic and how they transport their children by car.

The journalist Ángeles Blanco keeps us up to date on everything happening in the world thanks to the Telecinco news bulletins. The latest news also of course includes road accident rates and the safety of young children in vehicles. 

This newscaster acknowledges that ‘not too long ago children were traveling without safety devices, and even in the trunk of the car. This is something which is completely inconceivable these days. I don't know anyone who has had children who has not bought a child car seat. In my case, as my child has been growing, I have been purchasing the safest seats on the market. I prefer to save money in other areas of my life, but not when it comes to safety”, she assures us. 

For Blanco, the car seat is an absolutely essential item. She assures us that she always uses it, even on short trips. “the seat is always in the vehicle and my child knows that he has to keep his seat belt fastened until we turn off the car engine.”

“It is hard to understand why there are still parents out there who do not want to use these seats which can save their children's lives in an accident.”

In terms of children traveling in a rear-facing position, the journalist recognizes that it is the safest way to travel and that they should do so for as long as possible. “I couldn't say the exact age when they should stop, given that at a certain point, depending on the child's height, it is very uncomfortable for them because they hit their legs against the car seat. I do believe, however, that it is the best way of preventing young children from flying out of their seats and we should keep them in this position for as long as possible”, she stresses.

“My child knows that using the child seat is not an option but a necessity. She knows all too well that it could save her life if something were to happen on the roads”, confirms the journalist. In fact, she points out that before choosing a child restraint system she looked at all the websites she could find in order to get information on them and she also spoke to parents so they could give her their advice. “I would definitely recommend the shopping centers or retail outlets for these seats that have sales assistants specialized in this area in order to help you with all of the many doubts you might have”, she adds. 

“It's difficult for me to understand why parents put their children's lives at risk when preventing the problem is so easy”

Do parents receive enough information about how their children should travel by car? The news presenter acknowledges that the internet has a lot of information in this regard. However, she points out that when she has hired a car in the past some rental companies were not sure what kind of model of child car seat or booster seat to give her for the child's age and height. “I think we still have some issues to address in this area, above all regarding the systems that are most suitable for the child's age”.

Blanco cannot comprehend why so many people allow their children to travel by car without a child seat. “Convenience? Not knowing enough? I fail to understand why they put their children's life at risk when it is so easy to prevent it.

The journalist confirms that she is aware of the website She remarks that “it is an interesting guide which helps us with all the concerns that arise when we worry about our children's safety. I would highly recommend it. It provides clear and practical answers to the issues that can come up when we are looking for the safest way to travel with young children”.

As a final point, she has this message: “We need to travel safely and calmly. We can use car journeys as an opportunity to enjoy time with our children. There are so few occasions when we get to spend time with them having pleasant conversations and laughing together”.

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