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Blanca Manchón: “With the help of the internet, any parent who is concerned about their children's safety in the car can find out what is right and what is wrong”

Blanca Manchón: “Con Internet todo padre que esté preocupado por la seguridad de sus hijos dentro del coche puede conocer qué está bien y qué está mal”


The athlete Blanca María Manchón has been a world champion on five occasions and is currently preparing for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. The yachtswoman is the mother of a young child and assures us that he always travels in a suitable child restraint system. 

For this sportswoman, children's road safety means that “children and adults should both know the rules of the highways and the city streets, as well as who has right of way in terms of pedestrians and vehicles and how you should travel in the car taking into account all the safety rules”. In fact, she believes that “currently we all take more precautions than we did when traveling a few years back” and that, for example, the seat belt is now absolutely essential, not only because it is compulsory by law but also because there is greater social awareness of its importance. “Parents also know that children cannot travel by car without a restraint device of some sort or allow them to play in the car like they used to”, she adds. 

Blanca confirms that she always wears a seat belt and that her child also always travels in a suitable child car seat. “I know that I could have an accident at any moment and the seat belt or child seat could save their life”, she points out.

In terms of how her child travels by car, the yachtswoman explains that he has always been put in a rear-facing position but that when he started to wriggle about by himself and weighed more than 15 kilos she turned the seat to face forward “to be able to see him more easily and know that he hasn't unfastened the belts and that he is ok”. 

“The most serious accidents happen because we think that nothing could possibly happen if we're only popping out quickly”

It is important to prepare for a journey beforehand and this is why Blanca checks that everything is in order. She confirms that her child has never complained about sitting in his child seat as long as he can see everything and is kept entertained. “It is true that sometimes child car seats can make him really hot because he is secured in place and he sweats a lot. I also think there should be some kind of mechanism so that their head's don't loll about when they fall asleep. It is very bad for their neck when you have to use the brakes”, adds this sporting personality.

When it comes to choosing a child restraint system, Blanca assures us that she has always been quite practical about it: “I usually always have the child seat secured in place therefore I haven't bought one that can be used in both the buggy and the car”, she points out.

The yachtswoman acknowledges that all the information you need can be found on the internet these days: “I think that with the internet, any parent who is concerned about their children's safety in the car can find out what is right and wrong. I believe that anyone who do not transport their children in the right seat does so because of a lack of interest and a failure to take precautions”. 

In fact, she states that taking a child in the car without a child car seat “is a complete abdication of responsibility”. “These parents think that nothing is ever going to happen to them and they don't realize that their child can be thrown out of the car at any time if they are not wearing a seat belt or secured in a child car seat”. This is why she wants to spread the message that Fundación MAPFRE  is also promoting: “the most serious accidents occur because we think that nothing is going to happen, that it's just a few minutes and, in the end, accidents happen for really stupid reasons. It is worth remembering that what happens on the roads is not just down to you but to everyone else as well”.

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