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A new option of traveling with three child seats on the back seat of the car

A new possibility of traveling with three car seats on the back seat


Most large families find themselves in the same situation: how do I transport my three children if all of them use car seats? Unless you have a people carrier or an especially large car, fitting three CRS in the back can be almost impossible.

As we explained in the article, "How many children in child seats can I travel with in a car?", the norm is that if you have three children who need to travel using an appropriate child restraint system, two should be placed in the back with one positioned in the front passenger seat. One of the exceptions to the rule for children to be able to travel in the front of the car is precisely that the rear seats are already occupied by children in child seats. Whether it is because of the size of the child seats or that the central rear seat doesn't offer the possibility of fitting one, having to put your child in the front passenger seat is usually the only possible alternative, in which case you should remember to always disable the front passenger airbag.

Aware of this issue, a British company, Multimac, has created a system of child seats that allows three children to travel together on the back seat.

What does it comprise?

Each system comprises a set of three seats joined together within the same structure, eliminating the spaces between them. In fact, there is even an option of four seats for bigger cars.

Each seat can be configured independently and adapted to any child seat group, regardless of size or age and whether front- or rear-facing (including a booster cushion, for example, if the children are older).

There are three possible widths: 30 cm, 33 cm or 40 cm. The total width of the structure is dependent on these, with 93 cm being the entry size (standard), 1020 cm the second (Club) and 1230 mm the third and longest (Superclub).

The system is anchored to the rear ISOFIX attachment points and has sturdy feet supported on the car floor to increase stability. It should also be added that it is fitted with an integrated 5-point harness. A 3-point adult seat belt is also offered as an option for older children.

Additionally, it offers the option to carry children facing backwards, even those weighing up to 15 kg, thus complying with Swedish legislation.

As stated by the manufacturer, it is approved under European standard ECE R44-04 for child restraint systems, which means it is totally legal, for example, in Spain.

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