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New studies by Fundación MAPFRE on road safety


FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE has a large number of studies produced by experts in road safety, aimed at offering solutions for specific problems associated with our road network and the drivers, passengers and different vehicles that use our roads. These detailed studies serve as a basis both for publication in specialized media as well as forming part of the working tools of a wide range of government institutions.

The last two studies are very closely interrelated, with the purpose of offering clear and concrete proposals that will help promote Road Safety in every sphere. On the one hand they concentrate on the vitally important factors that influence Road Safety, but they also propose actions that can be tackled by governments and institutions to ensure that interest and advances in the subject of Road Safety can be real and effective.

How the roads themselves can help to improve road safety in Spain

The purpose of the study is to analyze how improvements and modifications to the road network can influence a substantial improvement in Road Safety, assessing the viability of six specific measures:

  • Construction of high-capacity roads.
  • Construction of ring roads around population centers.
  • Elimination of accident black spots.
  • Improving the safety of roadside verges.
  • Illumination of difficult stretches of road.
  • Improvement of intersections.

It is vital to consider improving these types of roads, whether they are conventional or secondary routes, because if this kind of road had the same level of safety as highways or freeways, fatalities would be reduced by more than 750 people per year. Equally, eliminating black spots and bringing in well-tested and certified solutions such as 2+1 lane roads would represent a significant reduction in road accident fatalities.

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Strategic European road safety plans

Given the evident stagnation in the decline of traffic accident victims that we see in our country and the rest of the European Union (with regard to both fatalities and injuries), FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE has made an comprehensive study to bring measures to the table that could be proposed, implemented and executed to achieve our goal: Objetivo Cero for numbers of victims.

The document is directed at three main audiences:

  • Those responsible for road safety policies.
  • Road Safety professionals.
  • Journalists.

Each audience has within its power the ability to increasingly reduce, year on year, the number of traffic accident victims, whether they are pedestrians, passengers of all ages or drivers.

This study has analyzed the most recent proposals of the European Commission and the measures included in road safety plans and strategies in order to offer, in the form of a summary table, the key points to follow to save lives in ever-increasing numbers.

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