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Information about car accidents involving children, how this rate has progressed and which measures to adopt: Objective Zero


It is almost the end of the year. Time has flown and 2015 is almost finished. Within a few months, the year's traffic accident figures will be released and we will find out whether or not we have met the requirements to fulfill the proposed 'Objective Zero' victims.

We still have a long way to go and a lot of work to do. You only need to have a look at parents taking their children to school to see that many parents are still not using Child Restraint Systems or use them incorrectly. However, you never know when an accident may happen so we need to always observe the rules, even for very short distances.

According to DGT (Spanish Directorate General of Traffic) statistics, 37 children under 14 died in 2014 and almost 6000 suffered different levels of injury. Out of these 37 casualties, 25 occurred on inter-city roads and the rest on city roads. Nine less children died than in 2013; and since 2005 the number of casualties has decreased by 84 (121 children died in traffic accidents in 2005).

Even though there has been a gradual decrease over time, one of the goals of the 2011-2020 Road Safety Strategy is still to be attained: zero deaths without a child restraint system. Last year, two children died without the corresponding CRS.

We hope that the changes to the regulations approved on October 1 will allow us to get closer to 'Objective Zero'. After all, child restraint systems prevent up to 75 percent of casualties.

We all need to use these systems and drive safely and sensibly as parents. Our goal is achievable and involves us all.

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