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Where can you find the rescue sheet in your vehicle?


This is where the rescue sheet comes in; this is a card with all the necessary technical information to enable the firemen to access the vehicle quickly and safely to rescue any accident victims. Carrying this in your vehicle at all times doesn’t cost anything and reinforces your safety in a serious accident. At MAPRE FOUNDATION we stress the importance of knowing and employing all the preventative measures at your disposal, especially when you are travelling with children. We therefore recommend that you carry the Rescue Sheet at all times as another safety measure.
The rescue sheet is an initiative of the European Automobile Clubs. You can download it free from their websites, RACE or RACC. Once you have found your make and model, simply print it off in color, fold it into 3 like a letter and stick it behind the driver’s visor where the rescue services will be able to locate it.
How important is it?
The time between the accident and arrival at hospital shouldn’t be more than 60 minutes (referred to as the Golden hour). The rescue sheet can drastically reduce the time it takes for the rescue services to free the occupants. It’s a piece of paper that can save lives. It could even be you or a loved one.
Remember: always keep in the driver side sun visor.

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