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Opportunity to clean the car seat: follow this advice

Oportunidad para limpiar la sillita: sigue estos consejos


Quarantine can be an ideal opportunity to  clean the child restraint system , whether the child using it has had coronavirus or simply if a thorough clean is necessary. Now is a good time because we can't go anywhere (only in certain circumstances), so you can let the chair dry out completely.  

The chair can be cleaned on a daily basis with a brush or a small vacuum cleaner. However, with time and use, it will need a thorough clean. 

Disassemble the car seat, take it home and follow the manufacturer's instructions exactly, as there will be parts that should not be touched or cleaned with certain products. Follow the instructions at all times. 

If there are only small stains, these can be removed with water or soap or by diluting a few drops of washing up liquid in water. Wet the stained area and rub until it disappears. Then rinse with water and dry the area. We recommend not using very aggressive products, such as certain detergents or bleach.

If, on the other hand, the chair is very dirty, it is best to dismantle it and wash it in the washing machine, if possible, using a mild soap. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to do so, being specially careful with the hooks and locks.

Know which parts of the chair can be washed and how. We recommend you take pictures of the hooks and other closures to help you put everything back together again.

Once the cover has been removed, read the label sewn inside. This label will tell us the type of wash, the temperature, how to dry it and whether it can be ironed or not.

There are certain elements such as foam padding that cannot be washed. Remove all poppers, straps, zips, buttons and pins before putting the cover in the washing machine.

Also consider that a car seat can be made up of several parts such as a backrest, harnesses, headrest, armrest. Try to clean them without having to dismantle them.  We must always follow the manufacturer's instructions.  Never disassemble items that the manufacturer has not indicated can be removed without compromising the integrity of the CRS. 

To clean the harnesses, we recommend not disassembling them and using soap and water. Also clean the buckle so it can be properly fastened and unfastened. 

Once you have removed the cover, vacuum the structure for an even better result. This will allow removing any crumbs or other dirt that has fallen into the gaps. Now you can use soap and water to clean the plastic parts. 

Once the cover has been washed and is dry (do not use a tumble dryer if the manufacturer does not allow it) it must be placed back on the structure. Follow the instructions in the manual at all times so as not to make mistakes and look at the photos you previously took to check that everything has been assembled correctly.

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