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Physiotherapists highlight the importance of headrests for child car seat

Los fisioterapeutas destacan la importancia del reposacabezas en las sillitas de coche


The Madrid Professional College of Physiotherapists of (Cpfcm) have prepared a video with recommendations on how to safely transport children in a vehicle. The video emphasizes the importance of a headrest, the need to put it at the right height and how certain accessories can prevent the child falling asleep in a bad position. 

Firstly, the Madrid Professional College of Physiotherapists stress the importance of ensuring that children are always traveling in a child restraint system suitable for their height, weight and age and that it should of course be an approved seat.

They also recommend that children travel in rear-facing child car seats and point out that certain CRS are not designed for long journeys, specifically the ‘egg models’, since they can have a ‘harmful effect on their spines’. They should travel in these CRS because they are much safer but they should not remain in them for extended periods of time, therefore they do not advise their use on long journeys. It is best to take a break every hour and a half or two hours. 

These professionals also highlight the need to adequately adjust the seatbelt and not put children in the child seats with an overcoat on. 

In terms of the headrest, Madrid physiotherapists emphasize that they should be height-adjusted and certain accessories designed to prevent poor head positioning if they fall asleep are very useful. 

In the same vein, they also recommend using interior mirrors in order to be able to keep an eye on the children when they are in rear-facing child car seats and they also stress how important it is for them not to travel in the front seats.

The physiotherapists point out that parents should take care when taking the child in and out of the child seat and consider crucial ergonomic factors in order to avoid injuring themselves. They also recommend opening the door fully to make it easier to access the seat. 

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