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Are you preparing for your trips with children this Christmas season?

¿Preparando tus desplazamientos con niños para estas Navidades?


The Christmas season brings with it those all too familiar trips to get together with family and, as is often said, to go back home. Follow these tips if you are going to take trips with children during this special Christmas time!

There are times of year when the cold weather will take center stage and therefore, we need to be take care in this sense too. If we are going to be traveling with a newborn baby, these tips for the winter will come in very handy.

If you are planning to go on a trip with your family this December we discuss how your children should be transported based on the means of transport you choose. Take a look at this comprehensive infographic that we have prepared with all the information you need in order to travel with young children.

By car

Traveling by car refers to individual cars and minivans for people and goods up to a maximum of 3500 kg of maximum authorized weight, as well as rental cars and taxis. Child passengers whose height is equal to or less than 135 cm must travel in the rear seats, using an approved child restraint system suitable for their height and weight. There are several exceptions: when the vehicle does not have any rear seats; when all the rear seats are already occupied by other children in their child restraint systems; or when it is impossible to install a child restraint system on those seats.

Young children under 15 months old must travel in a  rear-facing CRS (R-129), and the recommendation is that you keep the seat facing backwards up to the age of 4 and for as long as possible given that it is the safest position.

By motorcycle

Children over 7 years old may travel by motorbike if they are with their father, mother, guardian or authorized person, or if they are over 12 years old with any person (but only if the vehicle has two seats). If the vehicle has seat belts their use is compulsory and, in any case, all occupants are required by law to wear a helmet on all types of roads.

By bus

Bus companies are not required to provide children's restraint devices for their passengers. If the child is over three years old and is less than 135 m tall it is compulsory for them to use the seat belt of the bus or a child restraint system adapted to their size and weight. For children under three years old there is no specific rule regarding on board safety.

By airplane

It is not compulsory for children to use a CRS on a plane, although we can take an approved seat on board with us providing it a compatible size. We can check this with the airline carrier. For children under two years old there are special harnesses which are clipped to the adult seat belt, while from two years old they can travel with the seat belt of the airplane seat.

By train

In this case a normal CRS cannot be used because the seats do not have seat belts although it is possible to use a travel restraint system provided that it has straps to secure it to the seat.

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