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Products that can help us on our car journeys during the summer

Los cinco consejos de Safe Kids en materia de seguridad vial infantil


Car journeys in the summer happen fairly frequently, above all during the holiday season and for longer journeys than usual in order to reach our destination. Every year we again go through the stress of packing our bags, checking we have everything we need and hoping that everything will fit in the trunk. 

Traveling with young children requires an extra effort since in theory they need more things in order to keep up their daily routines. However, despite what we might think, it is possible to pack our young children's bags without having to take bassinets and travel bathtubs with us. We can also leave behind a lot of this excess baggage since we are scarcely going to use it all on holiday. 

We should include a series of products in our bags and suitcases which are going to be of considerable use to us during the trip. These are small things which will make life easier for us on the highways, both for ourselves as parents and drivers and for the children since they are more vulnerable and also more demanding passengers.

For example, a rear view mirror so we can keep an eye on the children, who, as we know, will be traveling in a rear-facing position for their maximum safety. There are a number of models on the market, and in order to make the best decision we should take into account a series of tips which will help us find the best solution for our particular case:

  • Choose a good make, which, and most importantly, is known for manufacturing high-quality products.
  • The mirror should be completely unbreakable and scratch-resistant.
  • You will want to be able to adjust the mirror easily and safely. The mirror should not move or hang loose because it could be dangerous in the event of a crash.
  • We should also look for a stable mirror that does not vibrate or move during the trip, so we can check on the child easily.
  • The bigger the mirror the better. Small mirrors will not be of much use since the image we see is too small, and when we are on the road it will be difficult to check on how the child is doing.

Other useful products, above all in summer, are specific breathable covers, which stop the child from getting too hot or sweating too much. There are lots of types of specific covers. For very young children we can choose a reducer (if necessary) for summer, which is designed to minimize the heat the baby experiences.

With the sun's rays at full strength for the majority of the summer, a sunshade kit to fix to the car windows is very useful and practical, above all when they filter out a lot of the light.This may mean that sunshades decorated with cartoon animals may not be the best option, since the most important thing is to reduce the heat and prevent the sun's rays from entering the car.

During inevitable naps on long journeys, a cervical pillow can be extremely useful for keeping the child's head in a good position while they sleep. For very young children there are other options you can take a look at on the market, but you should always ensure that these products are approved and completely safe. 

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