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Provisional 2017 Review: 4 fatalities under the age of 12 who were not using a child restraint system

Balance provisional 2017: 4 víctimas mortales menores de 12 años sin sistema de retención infantil


2017 ended with a total of 21 child fatalities under the age of 14 in road accidents in Spain. This is 3 more than in 2016. This information has been published by the Department of Traffic (DGT) in their 2017 Road Safety Review. We should be aware that this is information obtained at 24 hours and that only the accidents that ocurred on intercity roads have been calculated. In the following months the DGT will provide full information including victims registered within 30 days and those which occurred on city roads. 

In terms of child restraint systems, they were certainly not used across the board. In fact, out of the 16 children under the age of 12 that were traveling in a car or van, 4 were not using any kind of safety device at the time of the accident. This figure may well increase in the next few months. We would also highlight that 24% of drivers and passengers who died in cars and vans in 2017 were not wearing their seat belts at the time of the accident. 175 fatalities were found not to be using this crucial safety device compared with 149 in 2016. 

In all, in 2017 there were 1067 fatal accidents on intercity roads, in which 1200 people died and 4837 were hospitalized with their injuries, representing a 3% increase in fatal accidents (+28) and fatalities (+39) and a 6% decrease (-336) regarding those hospitalized with their injuries.


The Department of Traffic has a number of projects it will be developing this year in this area. 

The Traffic and Road Safety Act, the General Regulations on vehicles and the Regulations on Roadside Assistance are going to be reformed. There are also plans to pass the Government Bicycle Strategy Plan and the 2018-2020 Road Safety Strategy.  

The DGT is also going to roll out the DGT 3.0 connected vehicle platform, along with a Vehicle Strategy Plan and a plan for measures to combat road accident rates for vulnerable users. 

In addition to putting a new plan in place to combat speed and advocate for improved road surveillance, the DGT also plans to promote more education and training. With this in mind, it is seeking to develop Basic Plans for the Coordination of Road Safety Education and to obtain more teaching materials for educational establishments.

It is also going to acquire 50 mobile children's road safety parks and will be updating the road training model in Spain. The idea is to carry out new publicity campaigns and direct action, as well as making an investment of 1 million euros in research, among other actions. These measures are all designed with the aim of achieving ‘Goal Zero’ fatalities in road accidents. 

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