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Are you planning to purchase a child car seat online? You should make sure that you take all of the following into account

¿Vas a comprar una sillita de coche por internet? Debes tener en cuenta todos estos factores


E-commerce has grown considerably in the last few and has given us access to a vast array of products which were not previously available to us. Today, we can purchase whatever we choose in a matter of minutes from our cell phone and receive the packages in our own homes. However, we should take certain precautions when buying items online, particularly if we are considering purchasing a child restraint system.

Child restraint systems are complex and essential items for our children's safety, and the decision about where to buy one should never be taken lightly. This is not to say that purchasing a child seat online is dangerous, but we should be taking a number of precautions when doing so and ensuring there are sufficient guarantees in order to make a safe purchase.

These are the key points to take into account when purchasing a child car seat online

Before deciding to purchase a child seat online, we should research the online store, the product on offer, the purchase and after-sales conditions and the guarantee.

• The product card should contain all of the car seat's technical characteristics, including:

  • The specific model.
  • The product's weight.
  • The product's measurements.
  • The age recommended by the manufacturer.
  • The recommended maximum weight.
  • Additional features, such as ISOFIX, for example.
  • The type of seat belt or harness.

• We need to be able to clearly see the ECE R44/04 or ECE R129 approval standard and the date of manufacture.

• We need to check that it has a flexible returns policy which will allow us to return the product once we have tried it out if it does not meet our expectations, if it is faulty or if it does not bear any resemblance to the picture and description provided on the online store.

• The store should have an easily locatable customer service line and the more channels of communication it offers the better.

• They should offer a product guarantee.

We of course need to be well aware of all the types of car seats on the market. Take a look at this great infographic that covers everything on this topic, even for children with special needs. We also need to know if we can install the most modern child seat models in our vehicle or not, or if the vehicle has ISOFIX anchors, for example, which might seem like a trivial point but is something we need to be quite clear about.

There is also some general advice regarding online shopping that is worth knowing for when we decide to purchase a car seat online. It is not a good idea to purchase the seat if we notice any of the following:

  • If there is no legal notice, telephone contact number or physical address.
  • If we receive offers by email that redirect us to unknown web pages.
  • If we get sent seemingly amazing offers. There is no such thing as a bargain in this case, certainly not when it comes to safety matters.
  • If you do not know any online stores and you haven't researched them at all. Is it extremely important to check customer reviews in order to assess the service of the online store: if all the reviews are positive, this is suspicious in and of itself; if all the reviews are negative, however, this is also not the site for us.
  • If the web address does not say “https“ it is not safe to make a payment on their website.
  • If it only provides one payment method. In the event of credit card payment, it is safe to do so if all the security rules are complied with and payment is made through a known and verified payment gateway via a secure connection.

We should weigh up all the different options and the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. In this article we address the concerns that a retailer should clear up for you when you decide to buy a child car seat and the requirements with which an expert child restraint system retailer should comply.

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