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Augmented Reality Stories: a help for parents to educate their children about road safety

Augmented Reality Stories: a help for parents to educate their children about road safety


Since your littlest ones already love to take over their parents' tablet, we suggest that you let them use it to learn a lesson in road safety: with the augmented reality stories that Fundación MAPFRE has just launched as part of its efforts to provide both teachers and parents with teaching tools. All for the same goal: to prevent accidental deaths from car accidents, within the framework of the "Zero victims” campaign.

With the help of the interactive (and magical) reading experience offered by Augmented Reality with the story "The elf explorers" children of 3 to 5 years of age learn the importance child car seats. For children aged 9 to 11, the story "Flat on your face" offers advice about how to conduct themselves as pedestrians, while also promoting sustainable mobility through the use of public transportation and bicycles. "Get connected to life", for young people 12 to 16 years of age, emphasizes the use of seat belts and offers guidelines on what to do after a car accident.

To get maximum enjoyment from the books, you will first need to download an application (iOS or Android) on your table or smartphone. Later, point your photo camera at the illustrations in the book that you will have printed previously (which comes in PDF format). In addition to the three titles mentioned, there are also specific audio books and activity binders for each story.

Although parents are always the first resource and example for their children when it comes to road safety, these materials will also be sent to schools as part of the Accident Prevention and Road Safety Program. Schoolteachers will have additional resources such as teaching guides and a dictionary of traffic signs. Another activity that your children will love are the LEGO robotics workshops. There they can program wheeled robots to move about properly without putting anyone in danger.

Clearly, road safety education in the schools is essential, and will be even more effective if included as its own subject. Still, there is nothing better than family involvement in this task from the time your children are very small. The parents are the number one example to follow. That's why obeying the rules of the road and being a responsible pedestrian lays the groundwork so that your children will act responsibly in the future and be cautious behind the wheel.

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