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Registration is now open for Fundación MAPFRE's "Course on road safety education, accident prevention and first aid"

Registration is now open for Fundación MAPFRE's


With the objective of providing up-to-date information on methods, resources and techniques to help teachers and trainers give courses on road safety education and accident prevention, Fundación MAPFRE has set up the "Course on road safety education, accident prevention and first aid".

Due to the importance of refreshing and updating existing knowledge, specialist courses on road safety and road safety education are essential if we are to continue providing high quality training and, at the same time, reduce road accident rates. Awareness-raising can and should start in the classroom.

The course that Fundación MAPFRE is instigating is aimed at Primary, Secondary and Vocational Training teachers. It contains a range of content and objectives that can and should be instilled at every educational level. It also includes updated teaching methods for imparting this information and explains how this educational activity can be assessed.

The course is held at Fundación MAPFRE's Virtual Campus where you can consult the content and chat with the tutors and other students.

It is divided into four sections:

  1. Introduction. Specific characteristics of education in accident prevention and road safety.
  2. Planning the cross-cutting course.
  3. Resources and methods (digital blackboard, screening of videos and infographics, mobile technologies, etc.)
  4. Evaluation and follow-up.


After taking units 2 and 4 there is a mandatory objective activity (practical case study) to pass the course.

The course will be held from 21 November to 23 December 2017 and the full course is 20 hours.

There are 60 places available. You can register between 4 and 17 November 2016.


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