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Fire Victims in Spain" report, in collaboration with the APTB


Knowing that December is the month of the year with the greatest number of recorded victims in household fires, Fundación MAPFRE, in close collaboration with the Asociación Profesional de Técnicos de Bomberos (Professional Association of Firefighter Technicians) (APTB), presented a report (link) with which they aim to raise awareness on the care that we should take with heating elements in the coldest months, among other things.

Certainly shocking numbers are detailed in the report. If we only focus on household fires, there were close to 15,000, 40 fires per day, that the firefighters had to fight and that ended the lives of 130 people in 2014.

December is not the month with the most household fires by chance; there are many factors that come together. Dinners at which we spend time with the family while food finishes cooking, electric Christmas decorations that overload outlets or a poorly put out cigarette are some of the main causes of a pleasant evening event becoming a night to forget.

The recommendations provided in this report focus on the responsible use of anything that is a source of heat or electricity and that something as simple as not leaving lighters or matches in the reach of children, or investing in smoke detectors (10-20 euros) can save something more than the night. In fact, detectors are the best preventive tool against carelessness.

To conclude, they also presented a guide to look over with the most useful advice to prevent accidental fires. Heat-producing devices, chimneys, Christmas tree lights, or an unwatched stove are some of the points that they recommend managing intelligently.

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