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How often should you stop when travelling with children?

How often should I stop when travelling with babies or infants?


Rest stops are an essential element of any journey but above all when travelling with children: A good tip is, before setting off plan the route you are going to take and try to locate places to take them. The best options are open-air stops where the children can run around and stretch their legs. If they aren’t yet walking it is always good to take them out of their seat, sit them on a blanket and allow them get some fresh air.
As a general rule, a stop every two hours is recommended. They can then stretch their legs, have a drink, use the bathroom or simply spend a little time out of their harness or seatbelt.
During the journey is important to check every now and again, that they are still wearing their seatbelt or harness correctly, it shouldn’t be loose or twisted. Remember that for the seatbelt to be effective, the shoulder strap should pass between the breastbone and the collarbone, without rubbing on the neck, and the lower strap must be placed flat over the pelvic bones. If you find that the belt is not correctly situated, stop somewhere safe and sort it out (except when the children are older, it isn’t enough to tell them to sort it out if they don’t know how to). If they are asleep and you don’t want to wake them up, pull in at the first safe place and put it right.

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