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Road safety tips when driving with children in cold and snowy conditions

Consejos de seguridad vial para conducir con niños en días de nieve y mucho frio


Do you know what precautions you should be taking when you are traveling with children and it starts to snow. Should you change the way you are driving?  Should we take certain precautions with regard to our children?

In ‘Children's Road Safety’ we want to make sure that you always travel safely and therefore on snowy, rainy and windy days you should increase your precautions at the wheel. For this reason we would like to remind you of some extremely important points to bear in mind when traveling with children in adverse weather conditions.

-Take extra precautions on the roads, and avoid traveling by car if possible. If you cannot postpone your trip, ensure that you take all necessary equipment with you, particularly snow chains or winter tyres.  Always observe the basic rules of the road. Don't miss these tips on how to act if you are driving in snowy conditions

-Plan the journey. Choose the safest routes. Keep abreast of the traffic and weather conditions. Have a charged mobile telephone on you and keep your family updated on your journey. 

-Children must always travel in an approved child restraint system suitable for their height and weight. Tips on choosing the best child seat for your needs.

-Maintain a comfortable temperature in the car. It should not be too hot or too cold in the car for both the children and the driver. The recommended temperature is between 20 and 21ºC. Bear in mind that the child car seat covers the child's body and maintains the heat, so make sure the child is not overdressed. We recommend these tips for traveling with babies in winter.

-Remember that children should sit in their child car seat without an overcoat on, since a coat can make it seem as though they are more secured in the seat than they actually are. We recommend reading the following article: Can an overcoat put the effectiveness of child seats and children's safety at risk? In order for the seat belt to do its job properly, we also recommend that the driver and other passengers in the vehicle also take their coats off.

-Snow: Advice on accident prevention when traveling by car with children.

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