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The role of a midwife in children's road safety

El papel de la matrona en la seguridad vial infantil


A midwife is a health professional who provides a comprehensive service to women for all their reproductive, sexual and maternal health needs. The midwife works in the promotion of health, risk prevention, assistance and recovery of health and assists the mother in the diagnosis and monitoring of pregnancy, childbirth and during the post-natal period and with the newborn's health and nursing.  This is all undertaken using the best scientific evidence available.

The midwife works together with the mother and has a privileged position in advising and educating on the health concerns of the future mother and her child. Therefore, they are well-prepared to play a crucial role in road safety for children and pregnant mothers. Furthermore, given that they are well-versed in the physiology of pregnancy, they know the most frequent injuries that can occur if there is an accident during pregnancy. 

Given that they are the professional closest to the mother at this stage of her life, they provide vast experience in terms of how to transport babies and children and, of course, are in the best position to explain the benefits of a good child restraint system, the importance of always using it, advice on how to install and adjust it for the child in question, and, even more importantly, are able to educate parents on the importance of keeping the CRS in a rear-facing position until the child is 4 years old.

New collaboration agreement between the Federation of Spanish Midwifes (FAME) and Fundación MAPFRE

The Federation of Spanish Midwives (FAME) and Fundación MAPFRE have signed a new collaboration agreement by means of which they will distribute over 400,000 copies of the “Bebés y niños seguros en el coche" (Babies and children safe in the car) guide, through the baskets which Present Service distributes to Health Centres and hospitals across Spain. In addition, the specialized magazine “Mi bebé y yo” (My Baby and I) will also distribute the guide to Spanish hospitals and health centres.

This agreement will serve as a framework for promoting better midwifery training in terms of children's road safety. For this reason a series of attendance-based courses, are going to be held in collaboration with Dorel, comprised of 35 talks in total, aimed at approximately 4000 midwifes. In order to complete this information, this group will be provided with an online course called “Bebés y niños seguros en el coche” (Babies and children safe in the car), which will be taught through the National Distance Learning University (UNED). This course is designed to provide information and training on the most important young children's road safety aspects. 

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