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Have you heard about Safe Kids Educational Workshops in the United States?

Have you heard about the Safe Kids Educational Workshops in the United States?


With the objective of raising awareness and providing training, Safe Kids organizes educational workshops in the United States for parents and caregivers. These educational workshops focus on everything to do with children's road safety, especially how to travel safely in cars with small children using child restraint systems (CRS).

Caregivers, parents, other family members... these workshops are of great interest to everyone as they deal with everything you need to know to ensure that children travel safely in vehicles. They also go into legal aspects in depth, with an emphasis on the regulatory requirements in every State.

In this respect, it is worth highlighting that this workshop is an incentive for obtaining National Child Passenger Safety Certification, a certificate awarded to people who successfully pass the CPS Training Program (Child Passenger Safety) which is also given by Safe Kids. This is a brief specialist course that certifies attendees as safety officers or safety instructors for children and authorizes them to give training and advice to inexpert parents. You can find more information in our article: What is the National Child Passenger Safety Certification?

These workshops also give credits which may be necessary when it comes to obtaining certificates to be a child caregiver, guardian or foster parent, for example.

To go on any of these workshops you simply need to choose the one you're most interested in and confirm your attendance. Up until year end there are courses in Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin. Simply select the workshop on the website to view the accreditation process and get more information on what the session entails.

Safe Kids Worldwide is a global organization dedicated to preventing injuries in children, the number killer of kids in the United States.

Founded by Dr Marty Eichelberger, of the Children's National Health System, it was established in the knowledge that when a child is killed or seriously injured in an accident it can completely change the lives of many people, especially their families.

To prevent these tragedies from happening, the association strives to provide advice that will help to provide the utmost safety and protection for children and thus prevent any unintentional accident from having fatal consequences.

The association uses education to raise awareness and has also forged alliances with organizations in 30 other countries.

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