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Safety tips so that nothing can spoil your summer

Safety tips for summer


Vacations are necessary to our life, and if we can get away for a few days even better, a change of scenery helps us to relax, disconnect and find some spiritual peace.

But also during the vacation period, they are many dangers present, some involuntary and others that are down to us, but either way they are there to spoil our well earned rest. This is a good time to put together our best tips for keeping things running smoothly, both at home before we leave and at our holiday destination.

If we leave our homes for any period of time, the best way to avoid disappointment, and the easiest way to fool thieves, is to make it look like we are still at home. There are many ways to do this but some of the simplest ways that everyone can do this are: try to make sure that the postbox is not overflowing with letters, which will make it look as if we are not at home, (ask a neighbor if they would empty the box); don’t disconnect the electricity, make sure the door bell still sounds; divert the house phone to your mobile so that you can answer any calls.

The Windows should be tightly closed, make sure that you are able to lock them all. Pay special attention to terrace or balcony doors, which are the easiest through which to gain access. Don’t close all of the blinds, closing odd ones looks better, make sure the front door is closed and locked.

A common mistake and an easy one to make thanks to mobile technology, is sharing selfies or photographs of where you are on social networks which will let everyone know where you are (always configure the privacy option on Facebook), and clearly stating that you are not at home. Avoid providing too much information, above all if you are not sure who may be reading it.

Before leaving home, there are a series of security checks that you should carry out. First, make sure that someone you trust can call at your house to make sure all is well, they can water the plants and empty the post box at the same time. Second, disconnect all electronic devices and your router, basically to save electricity and to make sure your router is not hacked while you are away. Also make copies of you electronic data, and if you have one, test and set the alarm.

Once you arrive at your destination don’t relax these checks. Think of your hotel as your home while you are there and follow the same security regime as you do at home. Try not to leave valuable items on show in your car, or lying around the hotel room and make sure you remember to pick up your bag. Use the hotel safety deposit boxes to store your valuables.

With respect to technology, use it sensibly: make sure that all your devices are locked with a password, do not share sensitive data over a public Wi-Fi network, keep with you, the details of how to block your Smartphone should it be stolen.

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