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School and CRS use. Why do so many parent not use them


As the result of recent study by the FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE entitled “Booster seats in the automobile, when should they be used?" we would like point out something that can be seen almost every morning when we are approaching the school gates.

If we are even slightly observant, we can see that a large percentage of parents arrive with their children not wearing their seatbelts correctly when using a CRS. Or, even worse, they are sat on it but without using the seatbelt at all, as if they were completely immune to accidents on the journey to school. The thing is, an accident is simply that, and we never know when we might have one.

This is often more serious the shorter the journey. In these situations, the child is often wearing their coat buttoned up with their bag on their back for the trip to school. Completely exposed to being hurt when the car brakes by not being properly restrained.

Why does this type of thing happen? Usually when you are in a hurry. When you think that you cannot spare 5 minutes to do things properly and when the answer is quite simple, get up 5 minutes earlier. We are absolutely sure that more time is lost in a traffic jam than doing the job right.

Often close family is easier going than parents. It is sometimes easier to get away with things when it is the grandparents or uncles and aunts but you have to be firm and make it clear that things must be done properly.

Maybe now that the new 2015-2016 school year has begun, it is a good time to think: Do I always make sure the children are properly restrained? If the answer is yes we can feel proud that the road we have followed up to now is the one we will continue to follow.

If we are unsure about this and are aware that sometimes we haven’t, this is a good time to get back on track. There is still time but tomorrow may be too late and we could live to regret it.

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We would also like to remind you about the infograph that we did a while ago about the correct installation of a child restraining system:

School and CRS use. Why so many parents do not use them

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