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December 13, 2017: International Seminar on ‘Children with special needs and their safety when travelling by car’

December 13, 2017: International Seminar on ‘Children with special needs and their safety when travelling by car’


When we speak of “children with special needs” we are talking about any child that requires extra assistance due to learning, emotional or medical problems. Just like all children, they need to travel in safety in the car but they should do so in a specific way so in order to best be protected. The Public Prosecutor for Road Safety and Fundación MAPFRE have organized an 'International Seminar on Children with special needs and their safety when traveling by car' on 13 December.

Within this group, children with Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI), better known as ‘brittle bone disease’, have considerable difficulties in traveling safely by car. Their bones are weakened and break easily, making it difficult to find a child restraint system suitable for their needs. The seminar on 13 December will focus on this group and on the various solutions designed to help children with this disease to travel in comfort.

This seminar will be held on 13 December in Fundación MAPFRE's Events Hall (Paseo de Recoletos, 23. Madrid). Attendance is completely free but prior registration is necessary to attend .


The seminar will include Julio Domingo, General Manager of Fundación MAPFRE; Bartolomé Vargas, Prosecutor of the Road Safety Court of the Public Prosecutor's Office; and Jesús Monclús, Manager of the Accident Prevention and Road Safety Area of Fundación MAPFRE.

The opening address will be given by Dr. Klaus Langwieder and following on from this will be a working table to cover the topic of osteogenesis imperfecta led by Miguel Rodríguez Molina, Physiotherapist at the Spanish Brittle Bones Association (AHUCE); Juan Carrión Tudela, President of the Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases (FEDER)Javier De la Torre Serrano, Secretary of the Madrid Osteogenesis Imperfecta Association (AMOI); and Marta de Loma-Ossorio, from the University Institute of Automobile Research (INSIA). Mario Sanz Fernández-Vega, Public Prosecutor assigned to the  Road Safety Court, will moderate the event.

Following on from this, Sergi Ferris, President of Safedsign will make a speech, and then there will be a working table on ‘Children with special needs and their safety in automobiles' with the participation of the president of Safedsign; Paulo Anjos, General Manager of Dorel Juvenile Iberia; Isabel Vázquez, from the Department of Technological Development CEAPAT - IMSERSO, Ministry of Health, Social Policy and Equality; Ana María Bueno, Pediatric Orthopedic Specialist at Getafe Hospital; and Dipti Suhanda,Industrial Design Engineer. Fernando Camarero, from the Accident Prevention and Road Safety Area at Fundación MAPFRE will be moderating.

The seminar will be brought to a close by the Director-General of Trafffic, Gregorio Serrano.

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