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Your first trip with children by private coach? Find out about the services the companies make available to you

Your first trip with children by private coach? Find out about the services the companies make available to you


When traveling with children using transport companies, you should always make sure that all possible services are made available to make the journey a safe experience. If you're going to be traveling with children, local or long distance, by commercial coach, we recommend you plan your trip ahead so you have time to check all the safety measures and child restraint systems that the company makes available to you.

Current legislation

Remember that the law does not oblige coach companies to provide child seats, for the moment they are only obliged to guarantee the availability of seat belts.

If you're traveling with a baby, there are no specific regulations for children under 3 years old nor any specific harmonized safety system, which can be adapted to the coaches.

Here we'll explain the "Reasons why many coaches still do not provide child restraint systems".

Coach companies in Spain

The main coach companies operating in Spain have adapted their services more and more to the requirements of the different types of passenger, including those traveling with children, and they are starting to include child seats in their travel facilities.

Before you book, we recommend you check the possibilities offered by the company:

  1. Visit the website or call customer service to check whether they offer a child seat service.
  2. Make your travel request indicating the route you wish to take and the characteristics of the child.
  3. Use the systems which the company puts at your disposal and enjoy the trip.

We recommend you consult our infographic: This is what the first harmonized child seat for coaches is like

The ALSA example

On six of its most important routes in Spain ((Granada-Madrid, Logroño-Madrid, Soria-Madrid, San Sebastián- Madrid, Vitoria-Madrid y Bilbao-Madrid) the ALSA coach company has incorporated a premium class service providing special "child seats" with the Isofax system for children, which guarantee that the seat or basket is secured with the maximum safety. And for those over 4, the fleet has a three-point, height adjustable seat belts, which adapt perfectly to the child's measurements.

In 2011, the company pioneered the launch, through the Ministry of Development, of a service designed for the adapted transport of children and babies, this is the "Pequebus" (Kids Bus), ( In spite of the importance and significance of the project, the "Pequebus" was not implemented and remained as a pilot project with which ALSA was able to provide a solution to the technical and regulatory vacuum which existed in the field of transport for children under five years old, adapting a coach with harmonized restraint systems and specially designed for children.

The case of AVANZA BUS

The AVANZA BUS company has a special protocol for managing the demand for this type of device. A client wishing to travel with children can contact the company via their corporate website, email, customer service telephone or their own sales windows to request a child seat. The firm has Euraslog Kiddy Bus Harnesses, which can be easily mounted on any of the seats.

To guarantee the correct installation of the child restraint systems, the company's drivers have been trained in the correct installation and use of the seats. The seats available are for children between 3 and 12 years and between 15 and 36 kilos corresponding to groups II and III of child restraint systems.

The policy of the group for the future is to continue to provide this service to clients on demand, and to include these safety features as an added value when tendering for new concessions or the renewal of existing ones. The GRUPO AVANZA LARGO RECORRIDO, has notified us that they intend to incorporate restraint systems covering groups 0 and I once these protection systems have been developed for the sector, but which do not yet exist.

Remember that prevention is the best way to guarantee child safety when traveling. Find out all you can before booking and check the information published in this regard by the Fundación MAPFRE Accident Prevention and Road Safety Area: "The use of child seats in the different means of transport". You'll also find more tips in the article entitled "If you're traveling by bus, this is what you can do to make it safer for your child".

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