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The seven road safety actions that contribute to #OtoñoObjetivoCero (#FallGoalOfZero)


This fall you may see many tweets with the hashtag #OtoñoObjetivoCero (#FallGoalOfZero), because that is the goal that everyone wants to see: zero victims on the roads. That is the goal everyone dedicated to road safety is chasing, and we are sure that we can achieve it, especially if each driver, pedestrian and passenger plays their part.

As parents, we have the obligation to instill preventive road safety habits in our children, both as pedestrians while we walk with them down the street and as passengers in their child car seats. The more attention they see you give to their safety, the better these concepts will be integrated into their lives, and once they are adults, they will contribute to improving these day-to-day aspects, passing them on to their own children.

These are the road safety actions that we can all perform in our daily lives to contribute to a better future, free of victims. Remember that when we mention victims, we are referring to all people in accidents that suffer from minor or severe injuries, as well as those who die.

  1. Be aware. The first step to reaching #OtoñoObjetivoCero (#FallGoalOfZero) is to be aware that we play an active role in traffic, and as such, we hold the key to avoiding accidents. Knowing that we are not just another number but that we are people who make decisions and who are involved in traffic will make us better, more responsible drivers.
  2. Act responsibly. It is necessary to accept the responsibility that comes with taking the wheel. Driving to the best of your abilities, not drinking alcohol and paying full attention to the road are the basics to doing your part as a driver.
  3. Respect other drivers and pedestrians. Respect is as or more important to road safety than car security systems. If you respect other drivers' maneuvers, don't honk and are understanding of the mistakes of others, you will be helping to improve, just a little more.
  4. Children are the future of road safety, and our example must help them to become responsible drivers and pedestrians in the future who understand what they are doing. Setting a good example every day and explaining doubts to them will contribute to better road safety when they are adults.
  5. Good habits always stick: when you put your children in the child car seat, make it a positive daily ritual, seating them with good posture, checking the seat belts and the buckets and adjusting the seat belts well. If we pay attention, that repeated action becomes a positive habit.
  6. Of course, you must set an example by correctly fastening your own seat belt, without exception.
  7. Talk to your children, explain to them why there are rules, how to safely behave out there, and why we must influence other people who do not follow the rules like we do.

These are small actions and gestures that have a great impact on the current and future behaviors of drivers and pedestrians and which everyone can easily do every day. Anything to achieve #OtoñoObjetivoCero (#FallGoalOfZero).

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