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Speed from a child’s point of view. You would never have imagined it like this

Speed from a child’s point of view. You will never believe it.


Today we are not going to look at this subject from the point of view of the law or our safety but from the point of view of the person sitting in the back for whom we set an example to follow, as much in bad things as in good. I am talking about our child sitting quietly in the back and whose life in in our hands.

This is how us children see speed

Hi everyone, I’m Oliver and I’m a four year old child living in the north of Spain. I love going out in the car with my parents for lots of reasons, virtually every day we go out in the car, I sit in the back on my lovely car seat thet my parents bought for me when before I was even a year old.
You must remember that the car reminds me of when; a few years ago I was being rocked in my cot. Most days I take a nap, after lunch or tea, depending on what I played at in the park or how much work I had to do at school.
I can’t always sleep as much as I like to because my dad likes to put his foot down in the car. Sometimes it’s fun but usually it is really uncomfortable, practically torture to me and I don’t know what that is.
I am still small and my neck is sometimes not able to hold my head properly, most of all on bends, when I am thrown from side to side. Luckily I can rest my head on wings supports of my seat but often they are thrown from side to side and I can’t do anything about it.
It’s the same when he brakes too hard and my head is thrown forward. Maybe if I was bigger and was able to see ahead (the seat and my height don’t allow me to), I could see what was coming. A right-hand or a left-hand bend and try to prepare as best I can. But no, I can see virtually nothing and it comes as a shock.
It doesn’t always happen because when we are going slower, I love it and I’m entertained looking out of the window and seeing animals, houses, the sea… Because I travel in the back on the right, I can’t see a lot when we are going fast. Everything becomes a blur of color and it’s hard to make out what I’m seeing.
Also, this is when my Dad doesn’t take much notice of me. He says he has to concentrate on driving so although I ask him questions, in the end I shut up. as what I wanted to ask him about is long passed.
I wonder if he ever stops to think, I can only imagine that he likes driving. It isn’t much fun for me, I prefer it when we go slower without rushing. He says he has to go fast because they are running late because of me but he should understand that I’m still small and have alot to learn before I become like him. If we did things five minutes earlier then he wouldn’t have to go so fast.
I’m most scared in the city. When I’m walking on the sidewalk and car goes flying by he’ll say things like “what’s that guys problem, he’ll end up hurting some innocent person enjoying a walk”. We are very fragile and don’t go round in a metal box but even when we do it isn’t safe.
I can’t sleep, I’m not comfortable, don’t hurt me, I can’t see what’s going on around us… So I ask you Dad, please don’t speed.

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