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I had a minor accident. Can I still use my child restraint?


One question that may crop up is whether, having been involved in an accident with the car, our child's child restraint must be changed because it has suffered some kind of damage or malfunction and therefore cannot continue to protect effectively.

If in doubt, the best thing we can do is send the seat to the manufacturer, who can disassemble it and verify if the structure has suffered any damage. In the event of a minor accident and following a few simple recommendations, we can check ourselves if we can continue to use it.

What can we class as a minor accident? It can be defined according to the following conditions, which must all be met. If we do find a discrepancy, the accident will no longer be considered as minor but moderate and we should, therefore, send the seat to be checked or even throw it away.

  1. If after the accident we can continue to drive normally with the vehicle, it is considered that the damage was minor.
  2. The nearest door to where the child restraint is installed must not show any damage due to the crash.
  3. It is important that none of the passengers were injured in the accident.
  4. None of the airbags should have been deployed in the collision as activation depends on the speed of impact and, therefore, if they have not been set off, this indicates that the crash occurred at low speed.
  5. We must inspect the seat to see if there is any visible damage. It will normally have parts sunk into its structure or rubbing produced by striking against any part of the vehicle, usually the doors or the roof.
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