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Summer, bicycles and scooters: precaution that children must take

Verano, bicicletas y patinetes: medidas de prevención que los niños deben poner en práctica


The good weather entices us to enjoy the open air. Bicycles and scooters are the preferred means of transport for children on these hot, sunny days. And not just for getting around, but also for exercise and leisure. In this sense, it is important to take into account a series of precautionary measures in order to be able to do so safely. 

-Always under adult supervision. With young children, it is important that there is always a responsible adult to monitor their behavior and safety. 

-Enjoy yourself in the right place. When it comes to bicycles or scooters that are not considered toys, it is important to bear in mind that they cannot be on the pavement. On the other hand, when we are talking about small children, they should ride on the pavement and always with an adult's supervision. Children should ride their scooters or bicycles in safe places away from traffic and other users. This way, accidents can be avoided and children can fully enjoy and learn how to use the vehicle safely.

When we talk about bicycles as vehicles, they must be used in places on roads assigned for cyclists. When crossing a pedestrian crossing, we must always get off the bicycle. 

Here we offer advice on the use of electric scooters. Remember that many cities regulate the use of electric scooters and set minimum ages for their use.

-Suitable clothing for cycling and riding a scooter.This clothing should be breathable, comfortable and in bright colors. We also suggest wearing reflective elements to be more visible to other road users. 

-Protection. Children should wear helmets. Here are some tips on how to choose the best helmet for a young child. In this regard, remember that children under the age of 16 are obliged to wear a helmet when cycling. It is also recommended to use elbow and knee pads and even gloves to avoid grazing to the hands in the event of a fall. 

-Knowledge of basic regulations: meaning of traffic lights, where to cross, how to cross safely, precautions for vulnerable road users, etc.

-Riding a bicycle or scooter in a responsible and respectful manner towards other users.

-Avoid using the bicycle or scooter during the hottest and sunniest hours of the day to avoid suffering heat stroke. It is important to stay hydrated, especially in summer and when doing sport. 

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