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Do I need to take the child car seat on my summer holidays?

¿Debo llevar la sillita de coche a mis vacaciones de verano?


Thinking of traveling? When planning a trip we must take into account our travel arrangement and the means of transport. Safety is always first so, if traveling with children, the use of a child restraint system is essential. 

The truth is that everything will depend on the means of travel. If the entire trip is by car, we already have the answer: we must take the car seat with us. We remind you that children 1.35 cm tall or less must be seated in a child restraint system and must travel on the rear seats. Let´s go over the rules. The same applies to motorhomes. Here we address how to travel in this type of vehicle. 

On the contrary, we might have doubts if traveling by plane, by bus or by any other means of transport such as by trainIn this article we offer recommendations on how children should travel by plane, motorcycle or bus.

In this case, we must ask ourselves  how we are going to travel once we arrive at our destination. Are we hiring a car? In this case, the child will need a car seat. Car rental companies offer the option of renting a car seat with the vehicle. It´s important to remember that not all car seats are suitable. The child restraint system must be approved and must be suitable for the child's height and weight  and, if possible, the child should travel backwards. The best most option is, without a doubt, with an ISOFIX system to facilitate its installation. This is very useful when we do not know the car seat. 

The company must offer 100% guarantee that the car seat is in good condition and is not damaged or has been involved in a traffic accident. Let's remember the importance of the car seat being in good condition.

When traveling by public transport, such as metro or bus or taxi, in the case of buses, seat belts should be used. If using a two-point belt, the child can use it without problems.The biggest drawback is if using a three-point belt. In this case, a booster seat will be needed to ensure that it is properly fastened.

What happens if traveling by taxi? In this case, a child restraint system will be necessary both on intercity and city roads. Although it is not compulsory within the city, safety must be prevail. The best option is to select taxis that offer the possibility of your child traveling in a car seat. When you request the service, you should ask for a taxi with a child car seat. They usually offer multi-group child car seats covering all weights and ages, so it should be quite straight forward. This also applies to VTC vehicles.

In any case, at Fundación MAPFRE we want to emphasize that the best way for children to travel is with an approved child restraint system adapted to their height and weight, no matter how short the journey and regardless of the rush we are in. Only in this way can we enjoy our holidays and trips with complete safety for the little ones. 

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