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Taking toys on holidays, why is it dangerous?


The second one, sometimes this is inevitable but you can alleviate it, should we or shouldn’t we take toys along to play with. This is a question about how we should keep them entertained on a long journey since we are all aware of how little patience a child has when they have to remain seated for a long period of time with nothing to do.

The use of digital media is a great advance in children’s entertainment. Playing a film provides   90 minutes of entertainment provided by the children’s favorite characters while we make progress on our journey. Of course all good things come to an end and that’s when they may prefer to do something else during the journey.

Carrying toys while on the move is not recommended for various reasons. The main one is that toys, during a collision, can become uncontrollable weapons that can injure the occupants of the vehicle. Any loose item can become heavy and dangerous in an accident, which is why it is better not to have them in the car. This includes bottles of water or anything else that is not secured, or safely stowed.

Another important reason for not carrying toys in the car is that they can cause a distraction to the driver, if the child happens to drop the toy; we would no doubt attempt to pick it up. It seems like something very simple but it could cause a major distraction especially if the child gets annoyed and starts to cry.

Firstly, carrying loose objects within the car is an avoidable problem, with this in mind; secondly, try to think of alternative ways to keep them entertained. Even a Smartphone held in their hands can become dangerous in an accident. The force of the inertia in a crash “increases the weight” of even a phone, making it impossible to hold on to and so becoming a loose object.

The best solution as we mentioned at the start: use an entertainment system such as portable DVD (correctly and securely fitted) connected to screens situated in the back of the front headrests. There are various systems that do not involve an integrated system such as tablet supports that allow you to play films or cartoons to provide entertainment throughout the journey.

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