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Taxi drivers for children's road safety in Roquetas de Mar

Taxi drivers for children's road safety in Roquetas de Mar


When it comes to calling a taxi, if you're with children, you either have to take your own child seat or risk traveling without this essential safety system. According to the law, taxi drivers are not obliged to carry child restraint systems (CRS) in their vehicles. However, the taxi drivers of Roquetas de Mar, aware of the importance of children's road safety, have embarked on an interesting initiative.

For inner-city taxi journeys or those in built-up suburbs of major cities, the law overrules the requirement to use child seats for children under the height of 135 cm provided they travel in the back seat. This is not the case with taxi journeys outside cities, when they are obliged to use them, as reflected in the General Traffic Rules.

The “Roquetas de Mar Road Safety Education” group has proposed to improve their taxi service with a new project.

This entails educating users in the correct installation and use of a child restraint system. To implement it, they went to the manufacturer Kiddy, which donated four seats in Groups 1/2/3 (for children weighing from 9 to 36 kilos, up to a height of 150 cm) and four covers for them to be fitted in Roquetas taxis.

The width, depth and height of the child seats can be adjusted and they have Isofix system connectors and high-absorption protection for impacts in the headrest and sides of the chair for protecting the head, neck, face, hips and shoulders of young children.

It is worth remembering that although in urban areas it is not compulsory to use child restraint systems in taxis, this service helps to make the transport of young children in the town and surrounding areas much safer.

Nor should we forget that it is precisely on short journeys that the highest number of faulty child seat fittings and accidents occur.

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