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Teachers and road education: content to teach responsible pedestrians and drivers

Docentes y educación vial: contenido para educar peatones y conductores responsables


Children today are our future drivers. In addition, the role they play also as pedestrians and users of other means of transport must be taken into account. Raising their awareness and educating them in road safety is fundamental if we want to achieve users who respect regulations and living together. On occasion of the World Teachers' Day which is held on October 5th, at Fundación MAPFRE we want to emphasize the important role that teachers play in road education and we address the need to have the right tools to do so.

The role of teachers goes beyond teaching a subject at school. Together with parents and other relatives, it contributes to instilling values in the youngest members of the family and road safety education must play a prominent role due to the importance it has in everyone's daily life. Now as pedestrians and as drivers in the future. We all relate in one way or another to traffic and we are road users. At Fundación MAPFRE we firmly believe in education as an essential tool for the evolution of society and, therefore, we want to provide teachers with important tools for this task. 

To do so, we have created Educate your World. Here teachers can find everything they need to work on road safety education from the very first years of a student's life, and where innovation and new technologies play a major role in the teaching-learning process.


These materials not only delve into road education. Healthy habits, education in values, social awareness, insurance and financial culture are also promoted. This is all addressed in Fundación MAPFRE's five action areas:  Social Action, Culture, Health Promotion, Accident Prevention and Road Safety and Insurance and Social Welfare.

All the material is divided by education stages. The teachers can access educational guides to assist them. The program supports teachers through training courses to bring innovation into the classroom and works to increase parental involvement in their children's education. 

The student is at the center of learning, making education and learning easier and more enjoyable. Furthermore, participation is encouraged both inside and outside the classroom, making the students the real protagonists. 

Educate your World offers educational workshops, and a selection of digital, interactive and face-to-face resources: simulations, online courses, serious games, mobile devices and case studies. The teachers can sort the material according to the education level, age, topic, subject, competency, category and language. 

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