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Test for children: Are you a good pedestrian?

Test para niños: ¿Eres un buen peatón?


At Fundación MAPFRE we have prepared five questions for the little ones. Is there a little expert in child road safety at home? Does your child know the main rules as a pedestrian?

1. When walking along the street, is the use of headphones recommended? Can you play with your mobile phone?

a) Yes, there's no danger.

b) You can play with your mobile phone as it's totally safe, but not with headphones.

c) Do not use headphones or play with your mobile phone while walking, especially when crossing the road. 

2. Where do you have to cross the road?

a) You can cross anywhere.

b) You can cross anywhere as long as you are holding an adult's hand.

c) You should only cross at the indicated areas, that is, at pedestrian crossings.

3. If there is a traffic light, when can you cross the road?

a) When the traffic light is red for pedestrians.

b) When our traffic light is green for pedestrians and vehicles have completely stopped in both directions.

c) You can only cross when the light is amber.

4- What advice must be followed if you go for a walk at night? 

a) You must be extra careful as we are more vulnerable and less visible. We suggest wearing bright color reflective elements.

b) No precaution is necessary.

c) Being with an adult is sufficient.

5- Is it important to establish eye contact with drivers before crossing?

a) It isn't necessary.

b) Yes, so we know that they are aware of our presence, making it easier for us to cross safely.

c) I only need to look at them when my light is red. 


Question 1: The correct answer is C. We recommend not carrying objects that can distract us, especially when crossing a road. 

Question 2: The correct answer is C. You must always cross at a pedestrian crossing, not wherever we want. 

Question 3: The correct answer is B. We can only cross when the traffic light is green for pedestrians and must always cross at the pedestrian crossing. You must always make sure that all vehicles have come to a complete stop before crossing. 

Question 4: The correct answer is A. At night visibility is much worse and pedestrians may not be seen by other drivers. This is why we recommend the use of bright colors and reflective elements.

Question 5: The correct answer is B. This way, we alert the drivers of our presence and our intention to cross.

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