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The 17th International Conference on Protection of Children in Cars in Munich

Se pone en marcha la decimoséptima Conferencia Internacional sobre Protección de los Niños en Coches en Munich


Experts, scientists, pediatricians, lawmakers, researchers and manufacturers will be gathering together on 5 and 6 December in Munich for the 17th ‘International Conference on Protection of Children in Cars’.

The conference will be taking a look at new mobility concepts, the rise of car or ride sharing, and automated and self-driving vehicles. Child restraint systems are also becoming increasingly connected with automobiles. Furthermore, the debate will focus on the basic requirements of a CRS, whether they are easy to install and use as well as discussing the ongoing information and education that consumers should receive. 

The conference starts on 4 December with a workshop addressing future transport configurations and safety culture, future transport options and protection of children in self-driving cars. This same day will also cover the topic of children in obliquely oriented seats, the roles of seat orientation angle and belt type. 

The second session will present a study on child transport safety in Istanbul, Turkey followed by Mobile Kids, a corporate social responsibility program carried out in India and a final presentation which will emphasize the importance of car seat instruction manuals to decrease misuse of these seats. 

The conference on 5 December will address future transport challenges, the protection of children in self-driving vehicles, new seating positions in automated cars and the future of children's road safety. Among other topics, they will also discuss the latest steps with regard to the R-129 standard and the Latin American Child Restraint System Assessment Program (PESRI). 

On 6 December there will be a presentation on dummies, mannequins and test processes and the misuse of child restraint systems. 

Download the full program here.

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