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The enormous problem of fatal accidents on the roads


According to the interview given by this investigator at the John Hopkins University for the DGT magazine, traffic is the primary cause of death of those under 44 years of age in the United States. Avoidable fatal accidents require preventative measures and driver education to reduce collisions injuries or deaths on the roads. To encourage these measures Keshia Pollock and her team have made an in depth analysis of accidents in an attempt to avoid them and prevent serious injury or death. 
In Baltimore, the city in which she works, her studies of pedestrians in the urban environment include interviews with pedestrians to try to find out what their problems are and by analysis of their particular area try to pinpoint the most problematic spots. By studying the collected data and with the collaboration of the local authorities, Keshia Pollock and her team hope to find the answer to an urban environment that encourages people to walk or cycle. This is a work in social awareness and about traffic injuries being important, not only for the road users but so that the legislators understand the real problems of road safety in an urban environment and find reasonable solutions.
Contrary to what happens in Spain, where the use of a seatbelt is obligatory for adults and minors must always use an appropriate restraint system, in the United States there are many states where even the wearing of a seatbelt is not obligatory on the back seats only the front. In others children must be correctly restrained in the back seats but not the adults. For this reason many adults think that so long as the kids are in the back they don’t need to use a child restraining system. The sad reality is that children continue to die because they are travelling with no restraining system appropriate to their weight and height. We must insist on explaining the correct use of the child restraining system to parents although it is apparent that we still have some way to go.
Although the accident rate has been greatly reduced in the United States during the last decade, as it has in Spain, The investigator Keshia Pollock is of the opinion that we must keep going. To aspire to no fatal traffic accidents is not a utopia; it is a possible objective and the only one according to the MAPFRE FOUNDATION that is statistically defendable.

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