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The way forward with the European project STARS

The way forward with the European STARS project


Are you in a STARS school or city? The main objective of the European project STARS (Sustainable  Travel Accreditation and Recognition for Schools), which forms part of the Intelligent Energy Europe program, is to motivate and reward education centers that encourage their students to move around in a safe and sustainable manner either on foot or by bicycle.

Operated in Spain by the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) with its "Safe Route to School" (Camino Escolar Seguro) project, STARS is looking to get all stakeholders involved: parents, students, schools, town councils, etc. Among those committed to the initiative is the City Council of Madrid.

Sustainability, safety and health are the three basic premises for journeys to school on foot or by bike. All of this is focused on the main objective which is getting young children to school as safely as possible.

This is a three-year project financed by the European Union. Its intention is to raise awareness among the general public and education centers over a sufficient period of time for them to acquire new habits.

Who is the STARS program aimed at?

At students between 6-19 years old. It also seeks to reach the entire educational community (parents, teachers, management teams and non-teaching staff) with a clear and indispensable objective for its awareness-raising efforts.

What are the objectives of STARS?

The main objectives of the project are:

  • To increase the number of children and adolescents who take active journeys to get to school or college, meaning that they go on foot or by bike.
  • To encourage self-sufficiency in the city's children.
  • To promote young people's engagement with public spaces.
  • To promote young people's engagement with public spaces.

In order to get to school safely we advise you to read this article and its recommendations.

On this subject the Fundación MAPFRE has carried out road safety audits in school environments (Spanish), in addition to a Safety Inspection Manual for school settings (Spanish).

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