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This is how small children should travel on two wheels this summer

This is how children should travel on two wheels this summer


During the summer months motorcycle, moped and bicycle use soars and we often use these vehicles as a way to transport our young children, particularly on short journeys such as going to the beach or the pool. What is the safest way of doing so?

Always travel by bike in bike-friendly places and with a helmet

On this occasion we are not talking about when the child ride the bicycle himself but rather about those moments when he or she is the passenger. Here you can find some advice on how young children can use a bicycle safely.

This is the advice you should follow in order to take a child safely on a bicycle as a passenger:

  • The child must always wear a helmet. It is compulsory for the child being transported as a passenger to wear a helmet.
    We know that adults are not required to use a helmet when biking around a city although we recommend doing so. Children under 16 years old must, however, wear a helmet when riding a bike.  An adult should wear a helmet for their own safety and because we set a good example for the child. You should always wear a helmet when biking on asphalt.
  • An adult can transport a child on a bicycle until they are 7 years old.
  • The child must be seated in an additional approved seat.

Always wear a helmet and follow the minimum rules when travelling by motorcycle or moped

  • The law also requires passengers, in the same way as drivers, to wear a helmet when traveling by motorcycle or moped. Passengers should also wear a helmet when traveling in a sidecar.
  • Legislation stipulates that bicycles owing to their structure, cannot be occupied by more than one person, however, if the cyclist is an adult, a child up to seven years old can be transported on an approved additional seat.
  • The General Traffic Rules establish that for mopeds and motorcycles, in addition to the driver, (and if it were the case, the passenger in the sidecar), providing that their licence or driving permit indicates this, a passenger over 12 years old may travel too, as long as they are wearing a safety helmet and are observing the followingrules:
    • They are sitting astride the motorcycle with their feet on the footrests on each side.
    • They are using the seat behind the driver.
    • The passenger may not, under any circumstances, sit between the driver and the moped or motorcycle's handlebars.
  • In exceptional cases, those over the age of seven may ride on mopeds or motorcycles driven by their father, mother or legal guardian or by adults who are authorized to do so, providing that they are wearing an approved helmet and are observing the previously discussed rules.
  • In all other cases, a child under the age of 12 may not ride as a passenger on a moped or motorcycle.
  • Remember that children are not able to hold on as strongly as an adult. This is whywe recommend using specially-designed approved seats or backrests.
  • It is very important to drive calmly and avoid abrupt maneuvers such as sudden acceleration or quickly pulling on the brakes…
  • Make sure that the child is wearing the appropriate clothing for a ride on a motorcycle. Avoid letting the child travel in sandals or short pants. Consider that if the child falls off they will need the protection that clothing designed for motorcycles and mopeds can provide.
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