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What do I do if I have three different CRS’s and they don’t fit on the rear seats?

What do I do if I have three different CRS’s and they don’t fit on the back seats?


Specialists say that travelling in the back is the safest option for children. When we talk about three seats, problems arise. In many vehicles there is not enough room to fit them in and there are only two anchors. Depending on the weight and height of the child there are various options.

  • One seat in the front and two behind.
We have talked about what will happen with the new traffic laws. At the moment the regulations governing CRS’s do not prohibit a child travelling in the front seat if there are rear seats free, so long as they are using an approved CRS. Once the new laws comes into force, which we expect to be at the beginning of 2015, it may prohibit children from travelling in the front passenger seat, except for when the rear seats are occupied or a child seat cannot be installed.
So, it would appear that the new law is not entirely against this, but only if the three seats cannot be installed in the back. Remember, if that if a child is travelling in the front passenger seat the airbag must be deactivated. The airbag can cause serious injury to a child during a collision. 
  • Two child seats and a booster seat (from group 2-3). 

In certain compact cars with a minimum width of 135cm, there is no problem in installing two child seats together with booster type CRS with a backrest, from groups 2-3 (15 to 36 kilos). This type of seats lifts the child enough to be able to use the seatbelt but it must be correctly adjusted with the shoulder strap over the breastbone and the lower strap over the hips.

Remember, the safety of children comes first. If you are thinking about changing your car, find out about help and discounts for bigger families (with 3 or more children), which can be offered by the government or local administration, depending on where you live, and sometimes by the carmaker on their range of family vehicles.
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