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Tips for takings car trips with children

Consejos para los desplazamientos en coche con niños


1-The child should always be in a child restraint system:

  • Appropriate for his or her height and weight
  • Approved
  • Rear-facing for as long as possible. At least until the child is 4 years old.

2-The child car seat must be properly installed. Follow the manufacturer's instructions. 

It should be placed on the rear seats and preferably on the middle seat

The child car seat may only be put on the front seat if:

  • The rear seats are already occupied by other children in child seats.
  • The car does not allow child seats to be installed on the rear seats.
  • The vehicle does not have rear seats.

IMPORTANT: Deactivate the passenger airbag if the CRS is on the passenger seat in a rear-facing position.

3-Take as long as you need to correctly secure the child in the CRS. The harnesses should fit snugly and lie flat on their body.

4-Any baggage should be secured in place and there should be no loose objects in the car. 

5-Plan your route taking into account the conditions of the road and the weather.

6-Try to take a break every 2 hours or every 200 kilometers. You can take more breaks than this if necessary. Take advantage of these breaks to take the child out of the CRS.

7-Have everything you may need close at hand: food, water, medication, hygiene products, a small first aid kit...

8-Observe the rules of the road. Particularly any speed limits and stopping distances.

9-Children should always be accompanied by an adult, particularly where young babies or children with special needs are concerned.

10-Never leave a child alone inside a car. The temperature inside the car can rise and potentially endanger the child's life. 

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Tips for takings car trips with children

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